What is silicon monoxide?

What's silicon monoxide? ? Silicon monoxide This inorganic compound has the chemical formula SiO. The powder is black-brownish to yellowish under normal temperatures and pressure. It has a melting and boiling points of 1702 and 1880 degrees Celsius, as well as a density 2.13g/cm3. It is very insoluble in water. However, it can be dissolved in mixed acids of dilute fluoric acid or nitric acid. The result is silicon tetrafluoride which produces white silica powder when heated. The stab


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What is silicon monoxide powder?

Silicon monoxide is an inorganic compound, chemical formula SiO, at room temperature and pressure for black-brown to yellow color amorphous powder, melting point 1702C, boiling point 1880C, density 2.13g/ cm , difficult to dissolve in water,


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