New silicon-based material can charge the battery to 80% in -5 minutes

The mileage and charging speed of new energy vehicles are the biggest problems in the development of electric cars. Recently, according to Korean media reports, the Korean Academy of Sciences (KIST) successfully developed a silicon-based ano…


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Overview of Aluminum Nitride AlN

Aluminum Nitride AlN is an atomic crystal, a diamond-like nitride, which can be stabilized up to 2200°C. The room temperature strength is high, and the strength decreases slowly with the increase of temperature. It has good thermal conducti…


Which positions can 60KW CCS GBT DC fast charger?

Intelligence, fast, reliable and universal. Provide a perfect EV charging solution in your location. Its modularization allows for an increase of up to 60 kW to charge, but also two electric vehicles.…


Google's foldable pixels will be available in 2022, and the camera will be an upgraded version of the Pixel 6

The first foldable Pixel phone will come out in 2022 and wont use the high-end camera sensor used in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. One of the biggest advances in the Pixel line this year is in the camera division. Googles phones typically mak…

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