New silicon-based material can charge the battery to 80% in -5 minutes

The mileage and charging speed of new energy vehicles are the biggest problems in the development of electric cars. Recently, according to Korean media reports, the Korean Academy of Sciences (KIST) successfully developed a silicon-based ano…


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WSBC bearings: environmental factors that may cause vibration and friction of cylindrical roller bearings

Friction vibration mainly refers to abnormal vibration of rolling bearings. Generally speaking, large-scale ball bearings are prone to frictional vibration. When grease lubrication is used, especially when the lubrication performance of grea…


What Is Manganese Dioxide

What is Manganese Dioxide? Manganese dioxide(an inorganic compound that has the formula MnO is an of the examples. It is utilized in paints as well as other industrial products. The effects of it over the central nervous system as well as the lungs h...…


What is Vanadium nitride?

What is Vanadium nitride? Vanadium nitride , also known as vanadium nitrogen alloy, is a new alloy additive that can replace iron vanadium in the production of micro-alloyed steel. The addition of vanadium nitride to steel can improve the s…

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