SiC mainly has functional ceramics, advanced refractories, abrasives and metallurgical raw materials four functional areas

What is silicon carbide? Is silicon carbide natural? It is a rare form of silicon carbide. Moistanite, a rare and valuable mineral, also has silicon carbide. The most commonly used and most economically viable non-oxide high tech refractory material...…


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Sony’s new 1000XM4 headphones have improved noise cancellation and can pair with two devices at once

Sony's new headset 1000XM4 has noise-free function, as an upgraded version of the headset, will attract more consumers…


Crystal Structure of Bismuth telluride

Bismuth telluride, bismuth selenide, and all intermediate alloys Bi2Te3−xSex have the tetradymite crystal structure in the symmetry group R3¯m. The material is comprised of repeating quintuple layers of X(1)–Bi–X(2)–Bi–X(1), where the number in paren...…


The MoS2 film on the wear track tended to build up around the highest metallic asperities

The MoS2 film on the wear track on the sandblasted substrate tended to build up around the highest metallic asperities. A typical region on the track. Smooth, compacted M0S2 and flat, metallic asperity plateaus can be seen. As in moist air, the inter...…

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