SiC mainly has functional ceramics, advanced refractories, abrasives and metallurgical raw materials four functional areas

What is silicon carbide? Is silicon carbide natural? It is a rare form of silicon carbide. Moistanite, a rare and valuable mineral, also has silicon carbide. The most commonly used and most economically viable non-oxide high tech refractory material, C, N., B, is silicon carbide. This can be called gold sand or the refractory rock sand. China has two varieties of industrial silicon carbide production: green silicon caride and black silicon carbonide. They are each hexagonal crystals with specif


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Strategies for boosting the performance of MoS2 photodetectors using hybrid heterostructures two

Diverse MoS2 hybrid heterostructures with other inorganic, organic, and 2D nanomaterials have been developed to extend the light absorption wavelengths and improve the charge transfer process. For example, Xiao et al.178 reported reduced graphene oxide (RGO)–MoS2/pyramid Si heterostructure-based photodetectors where 3L graphene and indium–gallium (In–Ga) alloy were used as top and bottom electrodes, respectively. Fig. 4 shows a schematic illustration of the 3D RGO–MoS2/pyramid Si heterojunction-


Affected By Coronavirus Pneumonia, Tesla California Plant Maintains Minimal Operation, Trunnano Keeps Supplying Aluminum Nitride With Price 1% Down

In order to control the local epidemic, six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, issued a ban on March 16 requiring residents to stay at home from the early morning of April 17 to April 7, except for basic medical


The most recently identified iron oxide polymorph

The most recently identified iron(III) oxide polymorph, ε-Fe2O3, shows the highest coercivity among all known metal oxides (20–22.5 kOe) and could be used as a magnetic recording material for high-density recording media. In addition, its magnetoelectric properties predestine that it could be useful in producing multiple-state-memory elements. Finally, it exhibits ferromagnetic resonance in a millimeter wave region, giving it potential applications in devices for suppressing electromagnetic inte

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