Canada found that silicon nanoparticles can increase the storage capacity of lithium batteries by 10 times

There are abundant reserves of silicon. Si and Li can form a Li4.4Si structural arrangement, with a theoretical specific energy of 4200mAh/g. That is almost ten-times higher than that of the lithium-ion battery currently in use. In the present day, s...…


The Spread of Epidemic Has Caused Big Demand, Amazon's Household Supplies Are Out of Stock, But Trunnano Has Resumed Production of Silicon Nanoparticles

Amazon has 150 million paid Prime members worldwide, and members can receive the goods 2 or 1 day after the order is placed, and now member delivery is also affected. Such as Prime Now (the same day service) and Amazon Fresh grocery service,…


What are silicon nanoparticles?

Silicon nanoparticles refers to crystalline silicon particles less than 5 nanometers (1 billion (1G) of a meter) in diameter. Nano silicon powder has the characteristics of high purity, small particle size, and uniform distribution. With th…


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Water atomization is one of the important preparation methods for 3D printing metal powder

technology allows for 3D printing. Its most notable advantage is the ability to generate parts in any shape directly from computer graphics data, without any machining, molds or other auxiliary processes. This greatly reduces the product development ...…


Industrial Ceramics With Aluminum Nitride Made Breakthrough Progress In Application

Industrial ceramics are a type of fine ceramics, and such ceramics can play mechanical, thermal, chemical, and other functions in applications. Industrial ceramics have some advantages such as high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistan…


Knowledge About Copper Nanopartices Properties And Nano Copper Powder Uses TRUNNANAO

Nano-copper has superplastic elasticity, which can be elongated more than 50 times at room temperature without cracks.…

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