Artificial intelligence simulates microprocessor performance in real-time

This approach is detailed in a paper presented at MICRO-54: the 54th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on MicroArchitecture.Micro-54 is one of the top conferences in the field of computer architecture and was selected as the conferences best…


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How do you fight ATO

If you disagree with our decision about your tax affairs, you can lodge an objection to having the decision reviewed. To amend an assessment that has already passed the time limit, you can request a review by objecting. Most often, the atom will shoo...…


Reagglomeration can only be prevented in accordance with the prior art if the hydrophilic silica

The prior art can only prevent deagglomeration if the hydrophilic silica is mixed with 3% by weight of hydrophobic silica and if this mixture is ground utilizing an air-jet mill or a pinned-disc mill (EP 0 076 377 B1). In this case, for a fumed silic...…


RO Fe2O3 and PPV Fe2O3 spontaneously reverted to the more thermodynamically

After releasing the pressure, RO-Fe2O3 and PPV-Fe2O3 spontaneously reverted to the more thermodynamically stable α-Fe2O3 polymorph. However, strikingly, the ζ-Fe2O3 phase retained its crystal structure after the pressure release. The presence of α-Fe...…

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