How can Nano Silica change the properties of coatings?

Nano silica exhibits many characteristics that are not found in other materials. With many micropores, and a large specific area, the nano silica particle size distribution is extremely narrow. Nano silica has high reaction activities due to its lar...…


What is SiO2 nanoparticles used for?

The boss of Leclerc supermarket Group, France's largest food retailer, said recently that in order to cope with the energy shortage, the Leclerc Group may shorten the opening hours of its stores.In an interview with French News Radio, Leclerc said th…


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What kind of cement foaming agent is better to use what

As the name suggests, foam glue is a kind of glue with foaming characteristics and bonding characteristics. It is mainly used for the filling, sealing, and bonding of building door and window side joints, component expansion joints, and holes. It is ...…


Is fumed silica hydrophobic

Aggregated fumed Silica can be applied to large surfaces to render them hydrophobic. Micro and nanoscale structures, resembling ball and block-like forms, are attributed to the hydrophobic characteristics. They enable silicone to be used safely in ov...…


Selenium-enriched agricultural products will become the new darling of organic agricultural products

The demand for ordinary agricultural products can no longer fully satisfy people's quality life requirements, and people are constantly recognizing the advantages and benefits of green and organic agricultural and sideline products during co…

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