Sodium stearate essential for cleaning products

Introduction to sodium Stearate Sodium stearate usually refers to sodium Octadecanoic. It is an organic chemical with the formula C17H35COONa. This white oily powder has a pleasant, smooth texture and mild odor. The reaction between octadecanoic and sodium hydroxide creates it. It's used as a toothpaste ingredient and a plastic stabilizer. Sodium myristate can also be used in toothpaste manufacturing. It is a white ultrafine powder that has exceptional lubricating dispersing, emulsifying and lu


Sodium Stearate Powder – Properties and Applications

Sodium stearate is an organic substance, its chemical formula is C17H35COONa. Sodium stearate is a white oily powder with a slippery feel and fatty smell.


What exactly is sodium Stearate?

The sodium dodecanoate compound is commonly called sodium Stearate. The chemical structure of sodium stearate (C18H35O2) is that's (C17H35COO), Na.


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