Microsoft researchers train AI to use hide-and-seek to find software bugs

Microsoft researchers have been working on deep learning models that are trained to find software errors without learning any real-world errors. Although there are dozens of tools available for static analysis of code in various languages t…


Apple sued NSO Group for selling software to government agencies

On Tuesday, Apple sued the Israeli company NSO Group, which sold software to government agencies and law enforcement agencies that allowed them to hack into iPhones and read data, including information and other communications. Earlier this…


Microsoft has added AI-powered ransomware protection to its defense software

Microsoft has launched an AI-powered ransomware attack detection system for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint customers that complements existing cloud protection by assessing risk and intercepting participants on the periphery. Because human-…


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High Purity Chromium Cr Powder CAS 7440-47-3, 99%

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Why are my bones not absorbing calcium

Vitamin D deficiency: Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium properly, so a lack of vitamin D can cause low calcium levels in your blood (hypocalcemia). An inherited disorder can cause vitamin D deficiency, not getting enough sunlight, or not consu...…


Market Segmentation of Foam Concrete

What is Cement foaming agent?Foam concrete is commonly used in building materials due to its cheap Price and suitable lining properties. In addition, foam concrete helps minimize weight and construction costs because it has a low density. These are a...…

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