X-ray Imaging Reveals Fracture of Solid-state Battery

A solid-state battery is a battery that uses solid electrodes and solid electrolyte. Because of the relatively high power and weight of solid-state batteries, it is an ideal battery for electric vehicles.…


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Boron Nitride Powder for Electrical Insulation and Other Applications

Selecting the best Boron Nitride Powder You can get the perfect performance for your thermal stability, electrical insulation, and other applications. The right powder will save you time and help make your life simpler. Hexagonalboron Nitride T...…


What is Boron carbide?

What is Boron carbide? Boron carbide , also known as Black Diamond, is an inorganic form. The chemical form is B₄C. It is one of the three hardest materials known (after diamond and cubic boron nitride) and is used in tank armor, bullet-p…


What is Surfactant?

A surfactant is the primary ingredient in cleaning detergents. Its name comes from its ability to stir up activity on the surface of water and soil. Surfactants consist of two parts: a hydrophobic tail and a hydrophilic head.…

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