The Applications of Stannic Sulfide Powder

How do you define it? Stannic sulfide powder ? Stannic sulfuride, also known as yellow amorphous or crystal sulfide, is a yellow-colored solid. To obtain colored gold, industry uses tin scraps. The yellow amorphous, precipitate (w...…


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Silicon carbide ceramic

Silicon carbide is made from silicon and carbon. It's a hard, crystallized compound. SiC is the chemical name for Silicon Carbide. Since late 19th-century, Silicon Carbide has been a key material in the production of sandpapers and other cutting tool...…


Why is zinc oxide used in rubber?

Zink oxide an oxide zinc. Water insoluble, acids and strong base soluble. Zinc oxide, an important chemical additive, is commonly used for the manufacture of silicate products, plastics, rubbers, lubricants paints, ointments adhesives food, batteries...…


Rumors about IOS 16

With the release of iOS 15.2, Apple will begin to focus on the next major version, iOS 16. According to iPhonesoft, Apple plans to abandon support for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the original iPhone SE. On the iPad side, it is said that…

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