The Applications of Spherical Quartz Powder

How do you define it? Spherical Quartz Powder ? The sphere of quartz is made from quartz crystal after it has been purified and fine ground. During a high-temperature field its phase, crystal form, and shape changes instantaneously from s...…


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About Fumed Silica

What is Fumed Silica?Since its first production in the early forties of this century, fumed silica has found widespread use in industrial applications. Due to its pyrogenic manufacturing process by combustion of silicon tetrachloride in an oxygen-hyd...…


What is the development of bismuth telluride

What is the development of bismuth telluride?Since the 21st century, with the development of global industrialization, the demand for energy has been increasing. In the past century, industrial consumption has been mainly fossil energy. Humans are co...…


Thermal Durability Improvement of Nanosized Iron Oxide Yellow

α-FeOOH particle has a yellowish color and is called iron oxide yellow. It is harmless and it has been used from ancient age just the same as iron oxide red. Nanosized iron oxide yellow can be used as transpigment with a function of UV absorbent, sam...…

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