China successfully completed the first space 3D printing. What did it print on the spacecraft?

This is China's first space 3D printing experiment and the first international 3D printing experiment of continuous fiber-reinforced composite materials in space.…


A spacecraft has made its first "contact" with the sun

NASAs Parker Solar Probe reached the suns expanding atmosphere, known as the corona, and stayed there for five hours. This spacecraft is the first to enter the outer boundary of the sun. This marks the realization of the primary goal of the…


Spacecraft Bearings, Exploring the Reused Parts of the Universe

Aviation refers to the navigation activities of aircraft in the atmosphere of the earth. In the long years of conquering nature, humanity has long had the desire to soar in the sky and travel the universe. In an era of low productivity and s…


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Oculus topped the App Store on Christmas

The most popular app in the Apple App Store during Christmas is the Oculus virtual reality app. Although the App Store ranking is not perfect, it can well reflect the popularity of the app at a certain moment. As far as Meta is concerned, t…


In what ways does cuprous oxide work?

What does cuprous oxide mean? The chemical formula for Cuprous Oxide is red or dark red cubic crystalline powder. It has a density of 6. It also has an O relative density and a melting point 1235. We lose oxygen at 1800 degrees Celsius. It's almos...…


Classification of graphite

The process performance and use of graphite are mainly determined by its degree of crystallinity. Natural graphite can be divided into two industrial types: crystalline graphite (flake graphite) and cryptocrystalline graphite (earth graphite…

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