High Purity Spherical Aluminum Nitride AlN Granule CAS 24304-00-5, 99.5%

The purity of sphered aluminum Nitride is high, with uniform size distribution and clean surfaces. It also has good compatibility to organisms. Purity: 99.5%;Particle Size 80um About Spherical AlN Granule Aluminium nitride sphere This product is made by the laser flamejet fusion method. The obtained product exhibits high purity, uniform particle sizes distribution, clean surface and high sphericity. There are no residual impurities. Easy dispersion and high compatibility with other organi


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The nano aluminum nitride is produced by aerosol ablation. It has high purity, small particles, large specific surfaces and high surface activity. The powder that has been surface modified will not undergo hydrolysis and have a very low oxygen content. Insulation and thermal conductivity are very evident (0.01%). The viscosity does not show up when used in polymer resins. This is the current best filler to achieve high thermal conductivity insulation. The properties Nano Aluminium Nitroride Th


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