Effect of Starting Materials of CuO

To dissolve well copper salts and alkali hydroxide, which are ionic compounds, polar solvents are commonly used for synthesizing CuO nanostructures. Water is undoubtedly the cheapest, safest, and most environmentally friendly solvent. In most of the ...…


HMD Global launched the first Android 12 upgrade, starting with the mid-range Nokia X20.

If you have forgotten the existence of the Nokia X20, it is also excusable-it is nothing special, with only a 6.67-inch 60Hz display, a Snapdragon 480 processor and four rear cameras. Its most eye-catching features may be its healthy support…


Devices like Apple's, Google's smartwatch are starting to show off our health

Fitness trackers from the likes of Apple, Amazon, and Google are making a big shift from low-tech devices that count steps to now fashionable items in the personal health world. It can be useful and fun to track fitness and exercise data tha…


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Process Analysis and Mechanism Investigation of Low Temperature Synthesis of Nanoscale Calcium Hexaboride Powder

The synthesis of nanoscale CaB6 powder via the low-temperature chemical reaction of Calcium chloride (CaCl2) with Sodium Borohydride (NaBH4) in a vacuum has been investigated in this study. The reaction temperature was determined by differential scan...…


N-Methyl-N-cocoylaminoacetic acid CAS 61791-59-1

CS-30, an amino acid series, is a mild surfactant that produces a lot of foam. It is stable and elastic. The result after washing the hair will be soft, natural and fresh. About N-Methyl-N-cocoylaminoacetic acid CAS 61791-59-1: CS-30 is a surfacta...…


Combustibility of lightweight foam concrete based on natural protein foaming agent

There is an experimental study of monolithic foam concrete "SOVBI" samples with a density of 205 kg /m3 (grade D200) for combustibility. The evaluation criteria are the following values of combustion characteristics: temperature increment in the furn...…

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