The Applications of Amorphous Boron Powder

Amorphous Boron Pulver An element boron, which is either a brown or black powder. It can be oxidized in air to prevent internal boron being oxidized by the formation of a trioxide film. Boron is insoluble in water,boron powder is soluble in boiling ...…


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The Cooperation Story Between China CNC Machining Suppliers PTJ and Japanese customers

From the exchange of product details, it can be seen that this japan customer is very professional and has strong machining capabilities, ranging from 5-axis machining, CNC turning, milling, JG to PG, wire cutting, investment casting and die…


Protein active substance type foaming agent of cement foaming agent (third generation foaming agent)

The protein-type foaming agent is a high-grade foaming agent with good performance and good development prospects. From the general development trend, it will occupy an increasing proportion of applications in recent years. Although its price is very...…


What is Titanium diboride?

What is Titanium diboride ? Titanium diboride (TiB2) is an extremely hard ceramic which has excellent heat conductivity, oxidation stability and wear resistance. TiB2 is also a reasonable electrical conductor,so it can be used as a cathode…

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