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What is the diffrence beteween Synthetic vs natural graphite?

Synthetic graphite is intriguing for investors because of its presence in lucrative industries with rising demand.


Materials and Processing of Hollow glass powder

The matrix material PA2200, with an average particle size of 60μm and a white appearance, was obtained from EOS GmbH in Germany. Moreover, the mixing ratio of new and old powder is 1:1. Filler additives, Hollow glass powder was surface treated with silane coupling agent supplied by The Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing(3M) Company in the USA. As an inorganic material, Hollow glass powders have no polarity and poor compatibility with PA2200. Thus, the mechanical properties of sintered parts of P


What is the weakness of graphene

The main disadvantage of graphene as a catalyst is its susceptibility to oxidative environments. To grow graphene, toxic chemicals are used at high temperatures. Due to this, it exhibits some toxic qualities. Diamond is rarer than graphite because the bonds formed in the diamond are stronger and need high energy and pressure, whereas graphite can be formed in normal conditions. Tesla has agreed to a deal with Magnis Energy Technologies, which makes materials for electric-vehicle batteries, to se

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