What does superplasticizer for concrete admixture do

Wholesale gas prices in the Netherlands and the UK have risen 20 percent recently amid concerns about Russian supplies.The EU plans to cut its dependence on Russian gas by two-thirds this year and stop importing Russian fossil fuels by 2027. Russia e…


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Related knowledge of titanium aluminum carbide

Titanium-aluminum carbide is a new type of ceramic material with a ternary layered structure. It has unique properties and has attracted wide attention from materials scientists and physicists.…


Rumors of an iPhone 14 release date

So far, there are rumors that the Pro version of the iPhone 14 will be equipped with an unnotched display and a 48-megapixel camera. However, we have to wait to see if this will become a reality. However, rumors about the iPhone release dat…


Japan's new coronavirus forces tight domestic supply of lightweight foam concrete raw materials

Japanese media said that the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is affecting the Japanese peoples lives and economic situation in many ways. Following the proposal to suspend large-scale assemblies, the government has also called fo…

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