Silver Nano-particles Make the New Surgical Masks Reusable for 7 days.

A company has successfully developed a Nano-silver sterilization material. Masks made from this material can kill viruses and bacteria, and can be reused for 7 days.


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What does molybdenum sulfide mean? Molybdenum disulfide This is the principal component of molybdenite. It's a solid black color with metallic luster. Molybdenum dioxide has the chemical formula MoS2. The melting point at 2375degC is 23755degC. Its density is 4.80g/cm3 which is 14degC. Mohs hardness ranges between 1.0 and 1.5. It starts to decay at 1370°C. At 1600°C it becomes metallic molybdenum or sulfur. Molybdenum disulfide cannot be dissolved in water, dilute or concentrated sulfuric


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Brazil, the world's largest coffee bean producer, recently announced that it is facing the worst drought in 91 years, affecting local hydropower generation and agricultural In718 powder keeps going up. About 3D Printing Nickel Alloy IN718

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