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The Possibility of Sustainable Development of CdTe Thin-film Solar Cells

Cadmium telluride thin-film solar cells are much cheaper to produce than crystalline silicon and other materials used in solar cell technology. Standard process, low energy consumption, after the end of the life cycle, recyclable, strong an


What is silicon monoxide?

What's silicon monoxide? ? Silicon monoxide This inorganic compound has the chemical formula SiO. The powder is black-brownish to yellowish under normal temperatures and pressure. It has a melting and boiling points of 1702 and 1880 degrees Celsius, as well as a density 2.13g/cm3. It is very insoluble in water. However, it can be dissolved in mixed acids of dilute fluoric acid or nitric acid. The result is silicon tetrafluoride which produces white silica powder when heated. The stab


Polypropylene Fiber PP Fiber Concrete

Polypropylene PP fiber has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, good chemical resistance and antimicrobial resistance, and low price, so it is widely used in ropes, fishing nets, safety belts, luggage belts, safety nets, sewing threads, c

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