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Advanced materials:transparent-flexible-wearable braces for visualization and accurate positioning of unobvious dental lesions

Dental caries periodontal disease are the two most common dental diseases which affect about 35% of the world's population. If caries periodontal disease develop to a certain extent it will cause permanent damage to teeth gums. Therefore ear…


The Amazing GaN Charger Enters the Market, What Advantages Does It Have?

GaN is a transparent crystalline material that has been used in LED production for nearly 30 years, and its high frequency performance allows the production of violet laser diodes.…


Applications of ductile ceramics - Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide has a good UV shielding effect and is often incorporated into textile fibers as a sunscreen. Ultrafine titanium dioxide powder is also added to sunscreen cream to make sunscreen cosmetics.…

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