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ATO is a carbon-free support material

During the entire recharge, 83018 ppm O2 evolved in the OEMS cell, which equals 32.9 μmol O2, whereas the pressure loss of 51 bar during discharge corresponds to 46.91 μmol O2. Consequently, only 70% of the O2 consumed during discharge is released upon charge. This is explained by parasitic reactions during discharge and charge: During discharge, only 86 ± 6% of the capacity and the consumed oxygen go into the formation of Li2O2 and Li2O, with 14 ± 6% oxygen being used up in side reactions. Duri


What Is The Sterilization Principle Of Nano Silver?

The antibacterial principles of SNP generally recognized at this stage mainly include affecting the environment in which bacteria live, destroying cell walls, inhibiting DNA replication, inhibiting enzyme respiration, and inhibiting other en


Revisiting the Oxidation of Graphite

To fully understand the chemical structure of graphene oxide and the oxidation chemistry of sp2 carbon sites, we conducted a practical experiment and density functional theory combined study on the oxidation process of Graphite. The nuclear magnetic resonance, thermogravimetric analysis, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy results of unhydrolyzed oxidized Graphite indicate that the oxidation process involves the intercalating oxidation, where electrically neutral species is the oxidizing agent,

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