Study on nano aluminum nitride in thermal conductive plastics

Aluminum nitride: What does that mean? Aluminum nitride AIN crystal exhibits a wurtzite structure. The chemical composition is AI 65.81% and N 34.19%. Its specific gravity is 3.261g/cm3, which can be white or grayish-white, with a single transparent ...…


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Atomically thin boron nitride

Hexagonal boron nitride can be exfoliated to mono or atomic layer sheets. Due to its analogous structure to graphene, atomically thin boron nitride is sometimes called white graphene. Mechanical properties: Atomically thin boron nitride is one of the...…


Advanced materials: a universal dual output generator based on hairpin DNA silver nanoclusters to "light up" multiple associated DNA logic gates and cascading circuits

in today's society digital devices such as computers based on silicon semiconductors have become the main tools for information processing communication are a carrier external form of Boolean logic operation. However because the miniaturiza…


Discovery Could Lead to Ecologically Sustainable Energy Storage

Researchers at TU Graz have found a way to convert the aromatic substance vanillin into a redox-active electrolyte material for liquid batteries.…

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