Application scenarios of thrust bearings

Thrust bearings are generally composed of two thrust washers or more thrust washers and several rolling elements. Generally, thrust washers are divided into shaft pieces and seat pieces. The most common type of rolling elements is made of ir…


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A new imaging approach to see multiple proteins simultaneously

A multitude of proteins are involved in degenerative diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease is no exception. The proposed technique could deepen our understanding of how anomalous protein interactions cause such diseases, which is crucial to d…


Is potassium silicate safe

What is Potassium silicate?The USDA approves potassium silicate as a fertilizer for conventional agriculture. It is used on various crops, including rice, wheat, barley, sugar cane, melons, grapes and ornamentals. Potassium silicate is also used to m...…


Precautionary Statements of copper oxide

What is copper oxide?The oxide Cu2O occurs naturally as cuprite and is obtained as red or yellow crystals or powder by oxidation of copper in a furnace or by electrolysis, and that is used chiefly as a pigment (as in ceramics and antifouling paints) ...…

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