What are Titanium carbide nanoparticles used for?

Nano titanium carbide is one of the transition metal carbides with the highest hardness, but its brittleness is not suitable for pure use. They are added to tungsten-based cemented carbide at 5-30% by weight to increase hardness and high temperature…


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What Is Stainless Steel Powder? | Mis-asia

For 3D printing, stainless steel powder (low-carbon steel) is an excellent option. It is low in carbon, has high resistance to rust and high sphericity. You can learn about the properties to help you make educated decisions regarding your 3D printer ...…


How to use cement foaming agent Precautions for use of cement foaming agent

The price of a foaming agent for doors and Windows is generally about ten yuan. The generalized foaming agent refers to the surfactant or surface-active substance in which all its aqueous solution can produce foam in large quantities while introducin...…


Impact of severe economic challenges in the Euro Area on the 0.2 ml pcr tube rack market

With the energy crisis, high inflation, and aggressive interest rate hikes by the European Central Bank, the economic outlook of the eurozone faces severe challenges. On September 13, local time, the European Economic Research Center in Germany relea…

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