What happens when titanium is mixed with water

Titanium only reacts with water after destroying its protective titanium oxide surface layer. It is, therefore, water-insoluble. Titanium compounds generally are not very water-soluble. Examples include titanium carbide and titanium oxide. Titanium r...…


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What is the Use of Spherical Molybdenum Powder

Spherical molybdenum powder is a transition metal molybdenum in powder state, and the impurity elements include Pb, Bi, Sn, Sb, Cd, Fe, Al, Si, Mq, etc.…


With Meta Preview tactile Gloves, VR Metaverse moves closer to reality

Meta says VR gloves rely on tactile rendering to send precise commands to the hand actuators and sketch out a vision that matches how people feel to what theyre doing in the metaverse. Meta, formerly Known as Facebook, is going straight into…


Anti-cancer nanomaterials multi-stage drug delivery system enters deep tumor

The anti-cancer nanomaterial multi-stage drug-carrying system can significantly reduce the cardiac and systemic toxicity of anti-tumor drugs due to its good tumor aggregation ability.…

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