40 Years of Quantum Leap: An Important Turning Point in Condensed Matter Physics

The quantum Hall effect is a quantum mechanical version of the Hall effect, which defines the relationship between the magnetic field and the induced voltage.


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Rumors of when Apple will release a foldable phone

We have not seen a foldable iPhone by 2021. Display analyst Ross Young said that the foldable iPhone will not be available until 2023 at the earliest. That is to say, it is not surprising that it will not appear at Apples September or Octobe


Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8CX Gen 3 is the company's latest attempt at success on The Windows Arm platform

Qualcomm released its latest personal computer flagship chip: Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3. As the name suggests, this chip has achieved success on the basis of last years 8cx Gen 2, and its performance has also been greatly improved. The third gen


The Use of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose

In the textile industry, you were used as a thickener, dispersant, binder, excipient, oil-resistant coating, filler, emulsifier, and stabilizer. It is also widely used in synthetic resins, petrochemicals, ceramics, papermaking, leather, pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics. Construction industry: As a water-retaining agent and retarder for cement mortar, it makes the cannon pumpable. Applying mortar, gypsum, putty powder, or other building materials as adhesives improves the coating performance

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