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What is Diamond Nanoparticles

Diamond Nanoparticles are high-surface-area carbon nanomaterials. Nanoscale Carbon Particles are typically 10 - 45 nanometers with a specific surface area in the 30 to 50 m2/g range and also available with an average particle size of 75 to 100 nm ran...…


Why nano silicon powder can be used as a semiconductor material.

What's nano silicon powder? Nano silicon powder The smallest diameter of crystal silicon particles is 5 nanometers. This corresponds to one billionth of 1G meters. High purity, low particle size and uniform distribution of nanosilicon powder are ...…


Silica Coatings

Silicon dioxide coatings have been widely used for several reasons: it increases the solubility of the nanoparticles without altering their chemical properties, it is biocompatible, and it provides stability to the particle in changing environmental ...…

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