The upcoming LG TV will address one of OLED's biggest flaws

Ever wish display technology had a longer acronym?LG Display is here to help. Today, it unveiled LG OLED EX, a patented OLED technology that is supposed to be brighter than standard OLEDs. As you probably already know, OLED stands for organi…


What are the details of the upcoming iPhone SE?

iPhone SEhas two main audiences. The first is budget-sensitive consumers who dont want to spend $799 on the iPhone 13 (not to mention the Pro Max for $999 and Pro Max for $1,099). The second is those who People who like compact phones. The…


Google Pixel 6A: Leaked specs for Google's upcoming mid-range version hint at final Pixel 6 redundancy

Googles new Pixel 6 phone is less than a month old, but the company is already working on a new device, the Pixel 6A.Based on the latest leaks, the Pixel 6A may be the companys most attractive option, thanks to its impressive specs and expec…


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The startup want to break the national network monopoly

Under the open-access model, Underline builds and operates a fiber-optic network that can be used by multiple service providers and provide services to customers.Residential service starts at $49 per month for 500 megabits per second connect…


Market Trend and Demand-Successfully Sent The Chang'e-5 Probe Will Affact the Price of Cobalt Aluminate (Cobalt Aluminum Oxide) (CoAl2O4)-Sputtering Target

At 4:30 on November 24th, the Chang'e-5 probe was successfully launched. As the final battle in the three-step process of my country's lunar exploration project, the Chang'e-5 lunar exploration mis…


Foam stability of concrete foaming agent

The technical characteristics of foam stability, the overall technical characteristics of foam with excellent stability are that the liquid film is tough, high mechanical strength, strong resistance to external force disturbance, and can withstand a…

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