Google updates Pixel 6 fingerprint reader to confirm slow 23 W charging

Now that the Pixel 6 has been on the market for a few weeks, Google has begun to address some of the common complaints about the device. First, theres a new update for fingerprint readers, which some people are having problems with. The Nove…


Apple fixed a Monterey bug in macOS that prevented Macs from opening after updates

Now, its safe for all Mac users to upgrade to macOS Monterey, and the new software wont crash their computers. Earlier this week, there were reports of bricks on some older Macs after they were upgraded to the companys new operating system.…


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3D printing materials steel technology breakthrough which can print any shape car parts without defects

According to reports, researchers from Texas A & M University and AFR have developed a technology for defect-free 3D printing of martensitic steel parts. Compared with similar steels, martensitic steels are more reliable and more cost-effective a...…


Five Important Methods of Boron Carbide Production

The purity of boron carbide prepared by direct synthesis is high, and the B / C ratio in the reaction is easy to control. Still, the preparation process of boron carbide used for synthesis is relatively complex and high cost. Therefore, this method h...…


How should I take zinc sulfate

What is zinc sulfide?ZnS grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) at Coherent exhibits exceptional fracture strength and hardness, leading to its frequent choice for military applications and harsh environments. This material is often used in the 8-1...…

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