Introduction of the upper material of sports shoes

The upper material of sports shoes can be divided into natural leather, PVC, PU, ​​nubuck, microfiber, mesh…


A new member of the sports shoe family: A few talks about several flying woven upper materials

Flying woven upper and light running shoes, the latter two terms are estimated that few people have heard of, especially flying woven upper. Put, it is a leading shoe processing technology in China. Applying this technology to running shoes…


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Application of α Alumina and γ Alumina in the Catalysis of Petroleum Refining |

What does alumina mean? Alumina Al2O3 is an organic compound with the chemical composition Al2O3. It has a high hardness and melting point of 2054degC. The boiling point is 2980degC. It's an ionic crystal which can be ionized at elevated temper...…


Metal Alloy Black Molybdenum Rods For Welding Industry

A molybdenum rod with high melting points, high thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion can be used in the production of high-temperature heating elements, electric vacuum systems, light source components, and electric vacuum pumps. The Met...…

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