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Titanium Carbide Powder – Properties and Preparation |

Titanium carbide This is a cubic, light-gray crystal with a high degree of chemical stability. While titanium carbide does not react well with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric Acid, it can be dispersed in aqua regia and nitric acids. Additionally, it is soluble in alkaline oxygen solutions. Titanium carbide (iron gray crystal, metallic luster) is part of the NaCl simple cubic arrangement. These atoms are equivalent to those bonded in strong covalent bonds. Many of its characteristics are similar


Apple will launch an eSIM-only smartphone

An anonymous person revealed to MacRumors that Apple has suggested that major US carriers prepare to launch smartphones that only support e-SIM before September 2022. The whistleblower shared a seemingly legal document outlining the timetab


Penetrating agent JFC-1

It's soluble in the water, and it has a high permeability. JFC-1 Penetrating agent: Soluble in the water, excellent permeability. Turbidity does not affect permeability. It is a global trusted brand Penetrating agent JFC-1 . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of Penetrating agent JFC-1 If you want to buy Penetrating agents JFC-1 in large quantities. Technical Parameter JFC-1 Penetrating agent: Appearance A colorless liquid that is slightly viscous.

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