Please compare air-entraining agents and Pozzolith [a trading name of one particular water-reducing admixture]. Air-entraining agents incorporate air into the concrete mix to improve resistance to freezing and thawing or salt scaling. Still, often th...…


What are the different types of water reducers agent

What is Water reducing agent?Water reducers developed over the years can be categorized as lignosulfonates, hydroxycarboxylic acids, hydroxylated polymers, salts of melamine formaldehyde sulfonates, or naphthalene formaldehyde sulfonic acids. The mos...…


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Vietnam's construction and building materials industry has enormous potential, and demand for superplasticizer in concrete has steadily increased

Although the global epidemic is now severely affected, Vietnam is also affected by the plague, and the construction industry has not grown much in the short term. Still, the overall growth potential of the construction industry in Vietnam is…


Apple appealed Epic Games' ruling, which it initially called a "resounding victory.

Apple has appealed Epics Epic trial, which could cost billions of dollars and partial control of the App Store. While Apple largely won the case (the company even called it a complete victory) and Judge Gonzalez Rogers ruled in apples favor…


Titanium Carbide Powder – Properties and Preparation |

Titanium carbide This is a cubic, light-gray crystal with a high degree of chemical stability. While titanium carbide does not react well with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric Acid, it can be dispersed in aqua regia and nitric acids. Additionally, it i...…

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