What is concrete waterproofing agent

Concrete waterproofing agent can significantly improve the impermeability and waterproofing of concrete, and the impermeability grade can reach P25 or higher. It is especially suitable for concrete for bungalow roof, large volume waterproof concrete,…


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Trend of boron

The average cost of crystalline elemental Boron is US$5/g. Elemental Boron is chiefly used in making boron fibres, which are deposited by chemical vapour deposition on a tungsten core (see below). Boron fibres are used in lightweight composite applic...…


The introduction to the foam concrete wall pouring method

Foam concrete wall casting methods can be divided into three types: removable formwork casting, formwork-free casting and sandwich wall casting. Among these three types of casting methods, the mold-free casting method is widely used.…


Precautions for the use of lithium nitride

It is a purple or red crystalline solid with a light green luster in reflected light and a ruby color in transmitted light. Long-term exposure to the air will eventually become lithium carbonate.…

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