what is Alumina Powder ?

Alumina powder can be used in a variety of applications. Its properties and applications can be influenced by the type of alumina used. For more information, read about Microfine Alumina Powder. This mineral is a common component of cement, mortar, a…


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A detailed introduction to surfactants - What exactly is a surfactant?

Surfactants are a class of compounds that reduce the surface tension of a liquid. They can be adsorbed on gas-liquid or liquid-liquid interfaces, thus changing the properties of the interface and affecting its stability, wettability, viscosity, surfa...…


Medicine-carriers made from human cells can cure lung infections

Lung tissue. Credit: Rutgers University Scientists used human white blood cell membranes to carry two drugs, an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory, directly to infected lungs in mice. The nano-sized drug delivery method developed at Washin…


Hydrophobic SPM Fe3O4 NPs having mean particle size as large as 20 nm

In summary, colloidal Fe3O4 NPs have been successfully prepared in large quantities using novel or improved methods based on controlled coprecipitation and hydrothermal synthesis. Physical property measurements reveal that our strategy for increasing...…

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