Why use zinc sulfide as a white pigment?

Zinc sulfide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula ZnS. It is the main form of zinc in nature, and zinc mainly exists in the form of the mineral sphalerite. Although minerals are usually black due to various impurities, pure sub…


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Preparation Methods And Application of Aluminum Carbide

Aluminum carbide (Al4C3) is an ionic compound with a diamond-hexahedral structure, which has high hardness, shear strength, and melting point, making it an ideal second-phase strengthening material for aluminum-based materials.…


What Industries Can Nanomaterials Be Used In

What Industries Can Nanomaterials be used in? Nanomaterials are utilized in many industries to boost the efficiency of their products. They can aid in the development of more powerful wind turbines, which are lighter and enhance the efficiency of co...…


Researchers Demonstrate Viability of Eco-Friendly Supercapacitors

The main disadvantages of present-day lithium-ion battery technology include limited safety, recyclability, and sustainability, coupled with limited availability of starting materials (for example, cobalt). Harald Fitzek, Christian Prehal,…

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