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Indonesia monitors roads with new geoportal

Anuradha Shukla | June 15, 2016
Enhances capability to determine the precise condition of public assets.

A new smart mapping portal called Geoportal Pusjatan is helping the Indonesian government to better monitor the condition of public infrastructure.   

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing's Institute of Road Engineering, Agency for Research and Development (Pusjatan) will use the tool to determine the precise condition of roads, highways, bridges and drainages.   

Geoportal Pusjatan leverages Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to unlock previously hidden insight and deliver a dynamic, interactive map-based view of information.

Advanced analytics performed by the GIS technology allows Pusjatan's fieldworkers to collect information on the ground and share it in real-time with decision-makers based in the agency's headquarters in Bandung.

"An effective transport system, with functional and well-maintained infrastructure, is crucial to the country's overall competitiveness and desirability as a location for investment," said Esri Indonesia CEO Bima Priadi. 

Spatially referenced inventory
The portal provides stakeholders with a spatially referenced inventory on each asset such as the year it was built, current condition, maintenance history, required upgrades and other information needed for decision-making. 

All stakeholders have thus greater awareness of the current conditions of road and bridge networks and a better understanding of infrastructure needs and resources. 

The geoportal will also provide the public with access to their authoritative data allowing users to make important business decisions especially those concerning supply chain and logistics. 

"Pusjatan's use of smart mapping technology means that inspections, maintenance, and renovation of public assets can now be easily coordinated between relevant agencies," added Priadi. "More importantly, local authorities are now able to develop strategic plans to ensure public infrastructures are resilient for many years to come."  

Looking forward, the data in the Geoportal will be integrated with the research work done for the Indonesian Road Data Centre Operation (IRODCO) by 2035.


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