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5 business tech resolutions for 2012

Tony Bradley | Dec. 28, 2011
With the holidays behind us -- or at least winding down -- depending on what you celebrate, time is ticking away on the last few days of 2011. As you bag up the shredded wrapping paper, and start taking down your decorations, take a moment to ponder the year ahead as well.

4. Secure Mobile Devices Of course, if you let everyone bring their own laptops, smartphones, and tablets in to work, or connect remotely to company servers and resources, you also need some way to enforce basic security policies, and protect any company data those gadgets might contain. There are cross-platform mobile security tools available to help monitor and maintain security across diverse gadgets and devices. At the very least, you should have a written policy defining basic security requirements. You should also make sure your workers understand the security controls available on the devices they use, and that they take advantage of the protection they already have.

5. Protect Your Data Data breaches seem like a daily occurrence. While some are complex, precision attacks, most are crimes of opportunity. Actually, the reality is that human error and negligence are much more to blame for putting sensitive data at risk than any outside attackers. You should have tools in place on your network that monitor outbound communications to prevent confidential or sensitive data from being leaked -- whether intentional or inadvertent. If nothing else, you need to ensure that all of your sensitive data is encrypted so that it is protected from unauthorized access even if the laptop, smartphone, or tablet it is housed on ends up lost or stolen.

Time is like an arrow that has already been launched from the bow. It is going to travel forward -- rapidly -- toward somewhere. It is up to you to decide if that somewhere is just a random destination the arrow happened to be pointed toward, or if the arrow is aimed at a target -- a goal that improves and grows your business for 2012.


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