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5 cloud computing predictions for 2016

Bernard Golden | Jan. 21, 2016’s Bernard Golden looks into the near future of cloud computing. Here’s what he sees.

There are other advantages to containers, too. For one, they are much lighter weight than virtual machines, which raises hardware utilization rates and improves economics. For another, they start much more quickly than virtual machines. Rapid instantiation supports the elastic characteristics of cloud-native applications, which commonly experience highly erratic workloads. 

This year will see not the replacement of virtual machines by containers, but the growing awareness that any future plans for enterprise application must assume containers as the default execution environment. Attempting to achieve the kinds of enormous changes necessary to become cloud-native is simply impossible with typical virtual machine use. 

In conclusion, 2016 is the year that I expect to see the implications of what has been happening over the past few years to become starkly obvious. The attempts to incrementally improve enterprise IT with cloud-washed offerings from vendors who collude with staff to continue traditional practices will be exposed as the failure they are. This year will witness a recognition on the part of companies – if not their IT organizations – that incremental improvement just won’t cut it. Far more serious measures are required, and when IT groups begin grappling with how to implement those … well, expect monumental disruption. Over the course of the year, new solutions that take a root-and-branch approach to change will become preferred, and beware IT leaders or personnel who attempt to evade embracing those solutions.


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