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An intelligent cloud?

John Basso | May 19, 2016
Today's new cloud-only offerings are trainable and open up a whole new consideration for the role of the cloud

Testing I feel really bad for testers already. It was hard enough to test the convoluted and complex systems we have today, so testing systems of the future will require a different set of tools. Developers who work with artificial intelligence have a taste of this already. Anyone who has ever trained a computer system knows that testing these types of systems takes a different skill set. Telling if a system is actually working or not takes time.

Roles will change, or the concept of roles will change. I am not sure if these new tools will simply create a whole new set of roles like Web and mobile did, but remember, web designers only existed after the web grew in popularity. There could be a title called Senior Facial Programmer like we have Senior Mobile Developer. There may be a wave of cloud titles that get created, but the rate and diversity of these types of systems leads me to believe that the traditional developer, tester, manager, architect paradigm will not hold up much longer.

It will take time for new services like this to be adopted, but if recent examples such as the adoption of NoSQL databases, which technically aren't SQL or Databases, are a guide, we will be seeing a lot more of these services integrated into our systems within 10 years.

Source: Infoworld 


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