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AWS enables ISVs to export Australian IT to the world

Brian Karlovsky | July 7, 2014
Australia exported US$807 million of intellectual property in 2013

Australian independent software vendors are emerging as a major chunk of Australian IT exports on the back easy to deploy Cloud services which allow massive scale with little investment.

According to recent Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade figures, Australian exports of intellectual property for 2013 amounted to around $807 million.

Of that, about 32 per cent of the $807 million, or more than a quarter of a billion was generated by software IP and licensing.

NICTA technology strategist, Dean Economou, said he would like to see this figure look more like $8 billion after NICTA's successfully developed and sold startup Yuruware to US company Unitrends for several million dollars.

"We need as a tech sector to get exports up there to that kind of level," he said. "That would be success in my eyes."

Economou said Unitrends was now setting up its APAC technology centre in Australia with plans to expand its technical team.

"This is an example of Australian IT which has now been sold to a US company, but the US company is paying Australian salaries and growing the team," he said.

"This is exactly the kind of the high value job we want to grow in the country and we would like to see that happen a hundred more times.

"Overseas companies say they have got really interesting market problems, and what Australian has is extremely good people, very well trained, good output of universities, very innovative thinkers.

"If we can court the market problems for the rest of the word, we can export the solutions."

Economou said Amazon Web Services played a pivotal role in the development of the company.

"Six laptops was the entire company's hardware," he said.

"We didn't need any significant infrastructure. The point I would like to make when you build for a global market like that and a global platform there is no reason that someone won't want to buy you or invest in your company, in any market."

Amazon Web Services managing director, A/NZ, Ed Lenta, said Australia was exporting IT to the world and unveiled several successful Australian ISVs that had used used AWS as a launching pad for the their business.

They included Yellowfin, Hubcare, Adslot, Yuruware and TechnologyOne.

"Australian technology industry is regarded as having one of the most innovative in the world and as you know there have been many firsts from Australian technology: the export of IP, like eftpos, wireless LANs, black box flight recorders, I think even lawn mowers," he said.

"The local software industry continues this trend taking innovative and really leading products to the global market and you will hear from some of the software companies today.


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