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AWS enables ISVs to export Australian IT to the world

Brian Karlovsky | July 7, 2014
Australia exported US$807 million of intellectual property in 2013

"We are seeing great local success here today and we are certainly confident of seeing more growth an innovation for the software community in Australia."

In the last two years more than 700 Australian members have joined the Amazon Partner Network and a large proportion of those are ISVs.

Lenta said AWS Cloud was able to help ISVs in a number of ways.

"First of all, the Cloud lets ISVs focus on their customers, to focus on inventing great things for the customer.

"They don't need to focus on the infrastructure.

"They can also realise massive productivity gains in the way that they develop and build the applications and software that they take to market."

He said Cloud allowed ISVs to expand their global presence without actually worrying about physical presence in the countries that they want to do business.

"Cloud allows ISVs to dynamically respond to demand," he said.

"ISVs don't have waste cycles thinking about things like planning, they don't have to worry about an inability to dynamically grow and shrink with customer demand.

"They don't have to be as concerned with the investment risks when they think about entering new markets because so much of that investment already is a part of the underlying value of disruption."

He said the Cloud also unlocked new deployment models and provided a way for software vendors to move to SaaS based posting models and deliver their software.

"It avoids the need for significant capital expenditure as you move to these SaaS based models, but also the Cloud or Amazon Web Services is able to provide innovative solutions that underpin the solutions of the ISVs."


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