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Cloud computing model suits economic decline: 3PAR

Ross O. Storey | Jan. 21, 2009
Utility storage provider 3PAR announces expanded Asia presence

SINGAPORE, 21 JANUARY 2009 - Cloud computing service delivery models align extremely well' with the financial pressures created by the global economic downturn, according to global utility storage provider 3PAR.

The firm says that cloud computing models can deliver a valuable a competitive edge to enterprises seeking to grow their utility computing and utility storage environments.

Organizations use utility computing to build cost-effective virtualized IT infrastructures for flexible workload consolidation.

3PAR today announced that it was expanding its presence in Asia to address the demand for cloud computing, through a Partnership with longstanding data management provider PTC Systems.

PTC has agreed to sell and support 3PAR Utility Storage systems to enterprise customers in Southeast Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia as part of a focus on delivering storage integration for utility and cloud computing datacenters.

New partnership

"The partnership between 3PAR and PTC positions us both to capitalize on the accelerating adoption of Storage- and Software-as-a-Service and associated demand for cloud computing infrastructure in Southeast Asia, said David Scott, 3PAR President and CEO.

Cloud computing service delivery models align extremely well with the pressures created by the global economic situation faced by the world today, Scott said. This is why leading service providers like SAVVIS have chosen 3PAR to give them a competitive edge in growing their utility computing and utility storage environments.

PTC says that SAVVIS has deployed 3PAR Utility Storage globally within its utility and virtualized computing environments. Leveraging 3PAR Utility Storage has enabled the SAVVIS platform to autonomically optimize resources allocated to each user depending on dynamic requirements. As a result, customers are only charged for what they use, when they use it, thus benefiting from a true utility services environment, PTC said.

Customers in Asia are facing the same challenges encountered by enterprises across the globe, such as the need to reduce costs, shrink datacenter footprint, ease data management, and speed time to resolution in support situations, said SS Lim, Managing Director, PTC.

Not only are 3PAR's highly virtualized systems purpose-built to address these needs, but the unique performance, cost-effective scalability, and automation features of 3PAR Utility Storage make it the ideal infrastructure for Software- and Storage-as-a-Service offerings that have emerged to address these same pain points.


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