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Computerworld Singapore 2012 Outlook: Accenture

Jack Loo | Jan. 25, 2012
Accenture expects continued investments in technology to support busiest growth.

2012 could be the year where cloud, data, social and mobility move out of the "sexy phase", and into impact areas within the enterprise, according to Trent Mayberry, managing director, Technology Growth Platform, ASEAN, Accenture. Mayberry also shares with Computerworld Singapore what 2012 holds for CIOs and technology trends like mobility.

trent mayberry accenture

Trent Mayberry, managing director, Technology Growth Platform, ASEAN, Accenture

1) What do you think CIOs' overall spending focus is going to be like in 2012?

In ASEAN, Accenture sees continued focus on growth; and that will require investment in new areas - expanding services through new channels, empowering mobile and social-network enabled employees to get out there where the customers are. Cost management will continue to be a necessary discipline to help organisations maximise the impact of their dollars.

Having said that, there are still substantial investments in infrastructure and enterprise solutions - including capacity and version upgrades, which bring better Total-Cost-of-Ownership, so we anticipate continued investment in this space. We do believe that SaaS and Cloud will also offer some levers to defray up-front cash and drive real savings through reuse and efficiency.

2) What will be the ratio of maintenance versus new services in IT budgets?

According to Accenture's global IT performance research, high performing organisations have already achieved a ratio of 40:60 (maintenance versus new services) and are continuing to work on ways to approach a ratio of 35:65. Although not all organisations perform that well, we certainly believe that a five per cent shift is possible without heroic efforts. Greater shifts in a single year usually require a transformation agenda. CIOs also need to rethink investing in their people - securing the best talent and equipping them for success. This will see some of the innovations of the consumer world entering the corporate world faster - mobility, social collaboration, predictive analytics and simplification of user experience.

3) And how will the current economic uncertainty affect IT budgets in 2012?

Certainly global organisations will remain cautious about over-extending themselves in uncertain times. However, that does not mean being flippant in spending habits. During uncertainty, the best organisations use that as an opportunity to become more lean and agile and will use the dollars to invest in their growth - thereby accelerating faster than their competitors. In Asia, we are still in the growth mode, so more emphasis will be placed on such investments over the next few years.

4) What are the lessons gained from 2011 that can be applied to 2012? 

2011 witnessed a real shift in technology - with cloud, data, social and mobility - all making technology sexy again. In many cases, organisations experimented and found real pockets of success in these new areas. In 2012, we expect to see CIOs focusing to shift these initiatives out of "pilot" and into even more impactful areas. These areas will provide an avenue to invest in growth that also reduces the cost of continued maintenance.


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