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Computerworld Singapore 2012 Outlook: Brocade

Jack Loo | Jan. 26, 2012
Brocade predicts stronger Ethernet fabric technology adoption and more migration to cloud architectures for 2012.

a)         Continued explosion of mobile technology adoption: Businesses are increasingly allowing, and even encouraging employees to bring their own consumer devices into the workplace and access corporate applications. This will allow application availability at any time and from anywhere. As a result, there will be an increased demand for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), wireless networking and end-point security solutions.

b)         Innovation in the Campus LAN: High-performance applications such as video streaming, IPTV, real-time image transfer and distance learning are placing very high demands on the Campus LAN. Recent innovations in virtualisation and switches suggest that next year we will see affordable products that are capable of successfully catering to campus LAN demands and transforming the network.

c)         Rise of 'Cloud Service Revenue': In 2012 we will see a shift in the industry as enterprises from outside the technology sector move towards "Cloud Service Provision" and look to leverage their data centre environments to offer cloud services as an additional revenue stream. It will be critical that these enterprises have the right data centre architecture in place.

d)         Greater commoditisation of IT in 2012: The maturity of server virtualisation is making traditional hardware obsolete as organisations look to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) through virtualisation and the procurement of lower cost hardware. This is the first step towards cloud computing and it is essential that organisations get it right at this stage to avoid serious problems at a later stage.

e)         Data consumption continues to skyrocket: Each year, the IT industry finds new ways to generate, consume and store data. Consumers will soon place huge demands on networking and storage resources because of this. Businesses will need to look at innovative solutions to increase networking stability and performance while driving down costs to remain competitive.

f)         Ethernet Fabrics: Fabric-based architecture will become mainstream in 2012, building on the success of early adopter businesses that have reaped the benefits of flat, reliable, high performance networks that can offer simplified management and increased business agility. Fabrics will revolutionise network design and will become an essential part of the holistic cloud computing solution.

In terms of verticals, we follow a methodological and targeted approach to identify key industries in each country and the products we feel they would benefit the most from. In terms of our goals for 2012, we do not expect to see much changes in the verticals we are pursuing. We will continue to target the media and entertainment industry, healthcare, higher education, the public sector and financial market industry verticals.

3) What are some of the strategies, and new products and services roadmap that Brocade has lined up for customers in 2012?


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