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DCHQ Releases Docker management product into GA with 35 enterprise users

Ben Kepes | Aug. 14, 2015
DCHQ is a startup building software for enterprises using Docker for application deployment and lifecycle management. Founded by MIT graduate Amjad Afanah, who formerly managed application automation offerings for VMware and cloud management solutions for Oracle, DCHQ is looking to fill a very important space: while every forward-looking IT department on the planet sees containers in general and Docker in particular as the way forward, there is a lack of mature management tools with which to keep everything in check.

In terms of what it does, DCHQ On-Premise manages backups, auto scaling, and monitoring. The product provides an interface to build multi-tier applications with support for Docker Compose, JSON, cross-image environment variable bindings, extensible BASH script plug-ins that can be invoked at request time or post-provision, application clustering and auto-scaling. It orchestrates application deployments on Linux hosts running on-premises or in the public cloud using an agent-based architecture with support for capacity-based placement, host and cluster monitoring and out-of-box alerts and notifications.

DCHQ On-Premise also provides granular access controls to clusters, plug-ins, application templates and Docker repositories, including Docker Hub, Quay, and Red Hat Registry. Compute resources can be grouped into clusters and made available to the appropriate teams. Individual developers can register their own local machines and deploy "IT-blessed" application stacks locally. Development teams can also control who is able to pull and push images to any of the registered image repositories.

I'm not convinced about this. DCHQ has smart technologists and is in an important space, but it's missed the boat a little. It will be interesting to see how the company responds to the rapid changes occurring in the space.


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