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Early PaaS provider CloudBees to shut its service

Nancy Gohring | Sept. 12, 2014
It's been clear for some time now that independent platform as a service providers would have a tough run going forward. Today, CloudBees, one of the earliest public PaaS providers, said it plans to shut down its PaaS at the end of the year.

CloudBees is in a good position because it has products and community around Jenkins; shutting down its PaaS doesn't mean it's out of business. The Pivotal announcement could also give it a boost.

Pivotal chose to integrate CloudBees' continuous integration tools because Jenkins is the mostly widely used CI tool out there, said Nima Badiey, head of business development for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal. "Jenkins is the de facto tool chain enterprises are used to," he said. Jenkins has over 85,000 active installations in use, according to CloudBees.

Continuous integration and delivery tools like Jenkins help a group of developers manage the process of development so that they can build and test their software quicker and then roll out updates regularly.

Badiey said Pivotal hasn't thought about whether it would integrate with other CI tools in the future. "From our perspective, we want to start with the Cadillac. There are other options in CI, there's a lot of money chasing it from venture funded companies, but just because you're the hot new thing doesn't differentiate you from the fact that Jenkins is very much embedded in the enterprise and very much a tool preferred by the enterprise."


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