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East beats West in cloud adoption: Study

Zafar Anjum | March 27, 2012
A TCS survey reveals that companies in Latin America and Asia Pacific have a much higher proportion of cloud applications to total applications.

What's the biggest driver of cloud applications?

What's driving the adoption of cloud computing most? Is it cost cutting or something else?

According to the study, cost cutting is not the biggest driver of cloud applications. Even though it is an important factor, the need to streamline and speed up processes is a bigger factor.

"In the US and Asia-Pacific, companies cited standardization of software applications and business processes as the main driver for shifting on-premise applications to the cloud. In Europe and Latin-America, the ability to ramp systems up or down faster was the motivation," said TCS in a statement.

Key points of the study

  • TCS global study projects number of corporate cloud applications to increase an average 18 per cent by 2014
  • Cloud apps to become much more pervasive by 2014 - up to 54% (Latin America), 52% (Asia Pacific), 33% (US) and 24% (Europe) of total corporate applications
  • Confidence in cloud differs significantly between public and private options
  • US, Europe remain conservative about putting mission-critical and customer data on the cloud
  • Over one -third of budgets spent on Customer-facing business functions




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