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Fresh challenges emerge as virtualisation and clouds take off

AvantiKumar | June 30, 2011
Study: Symantec Malaysia identifies gaps between project goals and reality.

Symantec Malaysia briefing

PHOTO - Nigel Tan, Symantec's principal consultant, South Asia and Koh Ee Laine, Symantec's senior technical consultant for Malaysia, at the media briefing on Symantec's 2011 Evolution to the Cloud Survey.

A new study on virtualisation and cloud by security firm Symantec Malaysia reveals new challenges for businesses. There are significant gaps between project goals and actual achievements, according to Symantec's '2011 Virtualisation and Evolution to the Cloud Survey'.

Speaking in Kuala Lumpur on 27 June, Symantec principal consultant for South Asia Nigel Tan said the study examined how organisations plan to move business-critical initiatives to virtual and hybrid cloud computing environments. "The survey highlighted topics including server, client, and storage virtualisation, storage-as-a-service, and hybrid/private cloud technologies; and the results uncover disparities between expectations and reality as enterprises deploy these solutions."

"CEOs and CFOs are concerned with moving business-critical applications into virtual or cloud environments due to challenges including reliability, security, availability and performance," said Tan, adding that the survey is based on more than 3,700 respondents from 35 countries worldwide.

"Moving to the cloud is a complex evolution for many companies and it's essential that IT and executives are aligned on initiatives," he said. "C-level executives in Malaysia are often more cautious in moving to the cloud and IT executives face the challenge of addressing these concerns."

"Improved communication between the IT and C-level executives are important in the decision-making process especially in understanding the potential risks and benefits offered by virtualisation and cloud computing," said Tan.

"Cloud computing represents a major shift within IT - changing from a traditional IT delivery to a service-provider model," said Symantec Malaysia senior technical consultant, Koh Ee Laine. "Virtualisation is an enabler for private and hybrid clouds and our survey shows that planning a seamless move is critical to achieving all the simplicity, affordability and efficiency that these environments have to offer. Today we are underlining how virtualisation and cloud initiatives' potential can be achieved when implemented through comprehensive IT channels."


Virtualisation adoption is mainstream

"Adoption of server virtualisation is widespread, and more than 62 percent of organisations in Malaysia are discussing private and hybrid cloud deployments," said Symantec's Tan. "Of the technologies evaluated in the survey, server and storage virtualisation are the most mature with 38 and 29 percent of enterprises implementing them. Private or hybrid cloud computing is the least mature with 16 percent adopting them."

However, he added that early investments have revealed gaps between expectations and reality which indicate that organisations are still learning what these technologies are capable of and how to overcome the new challenges they bring. "We asked respondents about initial goals in server, storage, and endpoint virtualisation; private storage-as-a-service; and hybrid/private cloud. We then asked those who have already implemented which goals they actually achieved. The difference between the two answers revealed an expectation gap."


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