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Huawei empowers innovative ISPs in the era of digital disruption

Zafar Anjum | June 21, 2016
Huawei recently launched a DCI solution which is not a one product compromise, but a complete DCI solution for the cloud era. The ICT solutions leader has unveiled a new ICT architecture that features cloud-pipe-device collaboration based on cloud computing to help customers realize agile and coordinated innovation.


From left:  WK Leung, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Business Group; Ronald Raffensperger, Chief Technology Officer, Data Center Solutions; Alex Duan, General Manager, WDM Domains; and Todd Sun, Vice President, Southern Pacific Enterprise Marketing & Solutions Sales

Internet service providers (ISPs) operate in a very dynamic market. Today, ISPs are required to go beyond providing only connectivity. In a highly competitive landscape, ISPs have to offer managed services, managed user applications and pretty soon, sevices around the Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

From being Vendors to being Partners: Imperatives for Digital Transformation

Worldover, ISPs are evolving from mere vendors of connectivity to being partners in digital transformation for enterprises. This is critical for both the ISPs and the enterprises as constant re-invention is the only way to survive in the hyper competitive business world.

"Service providers need to understand that enterprses are going through massive digital transformation which are deeply challenging their business," said Nikhil Batra, a telecom sector analyst with IDC. "In this scenario, the enterprises are looking at service providers as technology partners who can help them in their transformation journey."

The good news is that there are, in the terminology of research firm IDC, third platform technology market opportunities that service providers ought to tap into. These are cloud, mobility, social and big data analytics technologies. Aiding these are 'innovation accelerators' such as IoT, next gen security, cognitive computing, robotics and 3D printing. IDC predicts that by 2017, 50 percent of enterprises will access public cloud via service providers.

Huawei empowers innovative ISPs

In the background of this massive global change driven by digital transformation, Huawei, a global leader in ICT solutions, believes that embracing new ICT is also being a part of a strong, new ecosystem that integrates ICT infrastructure providers and industry partners to create greater value for enterprises, said Ron Raffensperger, CTO, IT Data Centre Solutions Sales, Huawei, at at the inaugural "Southern Pacific ISP Summit 2016", which took place at CommunicAsia 2016.

In Huawei's vision, explained WK Leung, CTO, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei, the innovative collaboration of Cloud, Pipe and Device can create better value for data by using cloud computing as the core infrastructure to support the new business innovation and commercial models. Huawei provides a new ICT architecture that features cloud-pipe-device collaboration based on cloud computing to help customers realize agile and coordinated innovation.

On June 2 Huawei hosted the Huawei Southern Pacific ISP Summit  2016 in Singapore. At the Summit, Huawei unveiled a Datacentre Interconnect (DCI) solution and a new wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) product, Huawei OSN902, offering a DCI oriented bearer network, with large bandwidth and low latency that supports fast service provisioning and on-demand adjustment.


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